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Construction Trades

Construction Trades Teacher





  • Recomend a C or above in most recent required English and Math courses
  • Students can't have a history of discipline
  • Some students need an interview with the teacher before accepted into the program

About Construction Trades:


Construction I

Construction II

  • Construction Trades I is a hands-on class that teaches students the beginning skills of the construction field.
  • Learn to use hand tools, power tools,building projects with wood, and construction safety.
  • Students interested in learning about the areas of carpentry, masonry, electrical wiring, or plumbing would benefit from this course.
  • Students are given the opportunity to gain a national certification through the NCCER.
  • Grades 9-12
  • Construction II is a continuation of Construction I.
  • Second year students learn more skills in the various areas of the construction field.
  • Completiton of the second year of this course allows students to add to their NCCER national certification.
  • Second year students become eligible for a full tuition scholarship if a B average is maintained in the course for a related construction trades program at MGCCC.
  • Grades 9-12


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  • Students get to do individual projects and group projects such as building stools, birdhouses, and picnic tables for the school's courtyard.

  • Most students take this class because they're interested in the construction field and would like some experience for future careers.

  • Taking this class will be beneficial to students whether they go into this field or may need these skills in the future.

  • Students really enjoy this class and have lots of fun, and it is a way for them to connect with each other through teamwork.

  • Class Syllabus


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