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Health Sciences 1

Health Sciences 2


The class teaches:health career exploration, safety, standard precautions, and medical, legal, and ethical responsibilities of the health care provider. Students are introduced to medical terminology and medical documentation. Healthcare provider CPR and health saver first aid certification is provided. An introduction to anatomy and disease states is covered. Basic patient care procedures are included in this course. Membership in the student organization Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is encouraged. Students must have transportation to their clinical sites for the scheduled group clinicals. This course will meet the health requirement. A $15 lab fee is required for a personalized clinical shirt. This year focuses more specifically on various careers in health care. Content covers safety, infection control, growth and development, personal care, mental health, food and nutrition, reproduction, pharmaceutical agents, medical imaging, physical exams, health informatics, and employment skills. Extensive time is spent in several health care facilities shadowing various health care professionals. Students must have transportation to their clinical sites. Students must have a current negative tuberculin skin test to participate in hospital clinicals. Field trips and HOSA competitions are planned. One unit of science is awarded toward graduation if the 2 course sequence is completed. A $25 lab fee is required for clinical scrubs. Future Health Professionals, formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America, is an international career and technical student organization endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Technology Education Division of ACTE.

About the Program

Health Sciences is a 5.0 CTE class with the goal of providing students with experience for a future job in the medical field and institues of higher learning. This program provides a better understanding of healthcare and clarity on different career paths in the medical field. After 2 years of Health Sciences you can get a 2 year scholarship at MGCCC in order to qualify for being an RN. If you do year 3 of health sciences you can intern at hospitals and work around the ER. Students may also recieve national certification. After two years students also gain the chance to become a CNA



Dr. Dalgo works hard to connect with students and create a well-rounded accepting educational environment. If students are struggling or not understanding she works hard to see things from their perspective and explain them in a way they can understand. She pays attention to different learning styles and structures her teaching skills to accommodate all learners.

Student Quotes

  • After taking Health Sciences my learning style has completely changed. I used to not study but I learned that in order to truly understand something you have to work hard, study, and appply yourself- Lexi Schnider
  • Now I am way more conscious of bacteria. For example, I'm way more aware of sharing food or drinks - Taylor Ngyuen
  • I'm a huge adrenaline junkie and seeing how bones break makes me way more iffy on certain adrenaline filled activities. - Lexi Schnider
  • Health Sciences helped me pick my career path in the medical field. I used to think I knew what I wanted to do but I have learned so much more than I ever though possible with this program.-Olivia Dessommes
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