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OSHS Engineering and Robotics

This is Engineering and Robotics! This class is designed to promote interest in different engineering paths for students. Students work in two online environments, one being instructional software, while the other directly works with Mississippi State's software to complete assignments. The class is led by Mr. Benny Stansbury (see picture). Mr. Stansbury has an unmatched energy and is always looking for new ways to engage students.

Mr. Stansbury

"Find a job you really like, and you will never work a day in your life."
-Benny Stansbury


List of Requirements

  • Like all CTE classes, you must fill out a CTE application for the class. This application can be found in the CTE office.

  • To take Engineering and Robotics I you must have a C or higher in Algebra I.

  • To take Engineering and Robotics II you must pass Engineering and Robotics I. You must also fill out another aplication for Engineering and Robotics II and need to be accpeted.


Student working
water filtration system
Year 1 Year 2
Learn the basis of the Robotics program. Further explore the Robotics program and what it has to offer.
Learn how to use tools like 3D printers and Laser engravers. Further use your knowledge of Robotics tools on projects.
Meet and work alongside new peers. Continue your work with the same peers.

Created By: Mixon Smith, Class of 2022