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Teacher Academy



Mrs.Freeland is the instructor for Teacher Academy. She has been teaching the class for 9 years and works year after year to make a great envirnment in her classroom and produce great teachers of our future. She has a passion for all of her students, and does everything she can to be a great role model and teacher for them. Her ultimate goal is to "inspire students into being passionate, hardworking teachers of our future because we need great teachers".

About Teacher Academy

  • This program offers two levels
  • The first level of teacher academy
  • Provides and idea for what age the students would like to teach
  • Students learn teaching and disciplinary strategies
  • Learn what subject area they would be best at teaching


Teacher Academy Students

In Teacher Academy, the ideal type of student would be one who is interested in the field of education, hard working, adaptable and most importantly have a passion for children. Many students have came out of the CTE program to go on to college and are now in our local elementary schools as teachers or assistant teachers. Students learn so much about the teaching environment, and where they would want to be in the feild of education.




Interview With Student


What kind of students apply for teacher academy? How is the class structured? Is there a variety of age groups that students find they want to teach or is there just one? Is there a differentiation in how the class is structured to teach students who want to teach lower vs higher grade levels?
Typically students who think they want to be a teacher, they don't know. Sometimes they think they want to but then they get to go out and observe and they decide that “that's not really what I wanted to do”, sometimes they'll come in because they think the class is fun. Most of the CTE classes are about exploring and seeing what you want to do. More hands on projects, but also some student notes on powerpoints. Lots of student teacher interaction Teacher Academy is for students who want to teach from kindergarten to college level.Teacher Academy is for students who want to teach from kindergarten to college level. Depending on where they want to teach is where they get sent. The year twos start going out in August, they get to pick their school, teacher, and grade. They're there all year long to the same teacher because year ones start in January so they get to see where they want to be. They see a variety, but by year two they know where they want to go.
Created By: Sam Conner - Class of 2023 | Jolie Trotti | Images From- Emily Milburn